Download clash of clans for pc with bluestacks? (coc on pc)

To start with the instructions to download Clash of Clans for PC using BlueStacks, I must say that you need to have a Windows or Mac OS running computer which is working on latest version of graphics driver and also you’re having a stable and speedy internet connection. Since we will be using BlueStacks here so you need to use its online installer which is recommended from my side because of the fact that you’ll be always getting latest version of the software.

The only thing you need to worry about is that your computer must not be having RAM lesser than 2GB and if its having 4GB then its all better and nothing going to stop you from playing this super addictive game on computer.

Clash of Clans PC bluestacks

Download clash of clans for pc using bluestacks

So let’s start directly with the installation process without wasting any single second of the valuable time you got. I hope you’re ready with the requirements I told to care of above and then you need to start following the steps mentioned down here as it is.

  • First thing to do in order to get Clash of Clans for PC  is to download the installer file of BlueStacks which you needed to do the installation of this software. You can get it from over here.
  • Next is to double click on the installer file of BlueStacks you downloaded just now and then start following on screen instructions as it is. It will require internet connection and will take some time depending on speed of your connection.
  • Next is to start the software once its installed completely and it will be running at your end soon.
  • Click on Search tool and type in the search term Clash of Clans to find it using the same.
  • Login with your Google account when asked which is a must to do thing if you wish to proceed forward.
  • Once finished, click on Clash of Clans game result you found in search results and then click on install option ahead of the game listing within Google play store.

This is the whole process and I hope you don’t find any issues or troubles at all. Even if you face any then let me know them so that I can come up with a solution to offer within the comment section. So this was a complete guide with dedicated support for you.

I hope you’re ready with the process now and once finished up then game will be installed automatically just like it happens on an Android device which you must be already experienced with.

It’s a strategy game which can even play with your friends online and all you need to do within to win levels is to create your empire out of the normal town using all the resources available and then fight against all the evils within.

So I hope you liked the guide and game as well and going to share this valuable work with your social networking friends so that they can also know about it.

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