Rohone website review – Is scam or legit?

In Rohone Website Review, we are going to reveal whether is a scam or legit. Millions of websites launch every day on the World Wide Web, and most of them don’t function properly and shut down the business within a year. The majority of the inactive sites are higher than existing ones, and that’s a signal of the end of service. Fortunately, we have plenty of newcomers in the community who provide excellent services and discounts on the products.

rohone website review

We have eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and other online shopping websites that provide impressive discounts. Customers have purchased thousands of dollars on cheap or low-cost products that brought value to the investment. We have purchased inexpensive goods online and brought the true meaning of the value-for-money policy.

There has been a considerable debate online in forums, blogs, comment sections, and other sources. The website is legit or scam, and that’s a big question thousands of consumers are asking daily. In this Rohone website review, we are going to look at the portal thoroughly and provide insight into it.

What is

Rohone is online shopping with a promising future. They have been offering popular products with impressive discounts and deals on the table. The wardrobe has modern clothing lines, accessories, electronic products, and more. Customers can shop for fashionable clothes like designer clothes and traditional dresses at a discounted price.

Customers can shop for electronic products as it is coming from a well-known country that manufactures cheaper electronic goods. The online shopping store offers thousands of goods, and you can purchase 54-inches Smart Android TV for $499, and the original asking price is $1999.

rohone com website review

Order designer clothes and types of equipment at the lowest cost and Amazon cannot even compete with the value-for-money offers. The e-commerce store is listing popular products and on-demand goods. Individuals can order Phones, Tablets, Air Buds, Accessories, Kitchen, Furniture, and more.

Rohone Website has been in the news for not delivering what they have promised to the customers. Millions of paid customers did not receive the goods on-time, and even after waiting for a month. Unfortunately, the support team does not respond to the tickets and requests coming directly from the Phone call, Emails, Chat, and more.

What was the business model?

Amazon started the business and asked to pay for the order in advance. Then it will be delivered within 2 – 3 working days. Rohone followed the same business model and asked the quoted price paid in advance to ship the product without interruptions.

The company had an advertising team and marketing strategy team that worked behind the shadows. The marketing strategy is to reach consumers outside of the native country and offer them excellent deals on expensive products.

Customers can purchase an iPad or iPhone for $500 when the market price is $999.

The marketing team targeted a foreign audience that had a habit of shipping products from other countries. Overall, it convinces the audience to try it because they had successful attempts in the past.

The e-commerce site had on-demand goods such as iPad, iPhone, Clothes, Gadgets, and more.

A new customer would receive a 70% discount as a welcome gift, and visitors can choose the product. Overall, customers don’t have to pay 70% of the original price of any product.

The team promises to deliver the goods within 15 days period via a reputed international shipping company.
Nobody can doubt the services as they have maintained a professional approach and convincing aesthetics. You won’t find significant flaws within the business model without purchasing and finding out the truth.

What is Rohone Response?

The e-commerce store team did not respond to the allegations coming from the customers. The business model demands the visitors to pay in advance, so they are risking the money before delivering the product. Customers have sent emails and calls, and there was no positive response from the support team.

Furthermore, Rohone website continued the operations despite on-going undelivered orders. In a matter of few months, Rohone generated thousands of dollars from the sales and failed to deliver the goods on-time. None of the orders reached the customer’s address, and the complaint is in pending mode.

Unfortunately, Rohone website owners did not respond to the customers to this date, and none of the orders have delivered.

Who owns

Rohone is a Chinese-based company.
Contact Person: Lin Rui
Phone Number: +86-1710-0951-552
Email Address:
Office Address: Room 408, Yiyuan building, 69 Haijin Road, Meilan District, Haikou Hainan, 570203, China.

We have conducted some research, but Rohone founder so-called “Lin Rui” has disappeared, and the website is down. In short, they have shut down the services without informing the customers and solving the problem. Unfortunately, no one has received refunds, and that puts “you are scammed.”

We have used Google maps to find the location and turns out that the address is wrong. There is no business registered under the Companies Act in China. It is a fake address that been added to fool people.

The website was down, and probably the domain has expired, and someone else has purchased it. We have to dig deeper to learn who has purchased the domain, and it doesn’t match the profile of the previous owner.

The current site is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and owned by Lubomir Kosvanec. The new domain owner hails from Stredocesky Kraj, Czech Republic, and doesn’t have anything to do with the previous owner.

rohone website owner

Overall, Rohone is a fake website and scammed customers from around the world. PayPal should have stepped up and stopped it, and that’s what has happened to the site. The American wire payment service should have taken appropriate actions to prevent it from happening. PayPal should bring more robust refund policies.


The debate of is a scam or legit is ended because is a scam and avoid buying goods that ask for payment upfront. Online shopping websites like eBay & Amazon have strong policies against the scams, and the fraud sellers have saved thousands. Let us know what do you think about our Rohone Website Review in the comment section below.

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