Reviews – Do We Still Buy Men & Women’s Clothing items?

People love buying trendy clothes at low prices. And that is the reason roselinlin clothing website is getting high traffic on their website.

But you must be wondering: is Roselinin authentic or scam?

Well, read on this roselinin review to know whether or not you should shop from this site. And does it actually live up to its claim to provide classy yet affordable clothes?

What is Roselinin and How Does It Work?

Online shopping is always risky, and you always feel nervous about whether or not you are making the right choice.

Nowadays, you will notice many online e-commerce stores with attractive clothing lines, accessories, shoes and handbags etc offering significant discounts.

Buy Men & Women’s Clothing is also an online clothing store that usually appears in your Google ads section and captures the customer’s attention because of its apparently cheap and chic clothes and other accessories like shoes, bags etc.

Buy Men & Women’s Clothing

Now, when you click on the website, you will be delighted to know that all of their products are on 10% off… I mean wow, affordable and classy clothes on sale? You wouldn’t want to miss that chance.

And let me tell you that the whole layout and the overall look of the website are professional enough to make you think that this is an excellent site, so you just want to place your order without a seconds delay.

And that is how, ladies and gentlemen, they fool you with their pathetic tactics.

Roselinlin is not an authentic site, and we do not suggest you make any kind of a monetary transaction with them at all. Different scam expose sites like trustpilot and are filled with roselinlin scam reviews and how people were robbed out of their money by this fake site.

Is Roselinlin a legitimate company? What are the Signs?

Many times, we get asked as to how one can determine whether a site is fake or authentic and what are the alarming signs. Here I am going to expose the fraud of roselinlin and talk about the hints that are always there with scam sites, and you can notice them easily if you look for them.

What country is Roselinlin from? Where is Roselinlin?

First and most importantly check out the address of the website. In roselinlin about us page, the listed address cannot be found on the Google maps. Scam alert!please follow the below screenshot.

Buy Men & Women’s ClothingFor Reference:

Secondly, there is no phone number listed on the contact us page of the site. Yup, that’s right. Only an email address is given. A genuine company will always have a dedicated customer services phone number because customer satisfaction is a motto of an authentic business.

For Reference:

Moreover, there is no live chat representative on the website to help customers with their queries. So basically no way to contact them apart from an email address? Sounds fishy, eh?

There is no transparency on roselinlin site. You won’t find the owner’s name or something that actually tell you that a genuine person with real identity is running this site. Most scam sites tend to camouflage their identity like this so they can’t be traced.

They don’t have any Facebook or instagram page, so once you make a purchase, there is no way you can contact them except for an email.

These sites take your sensitive financial information and use it for cyber-attack through which your bank account and even your computer system can be controlled.

Most importantly, whenever you find something at a price that is “too good to be true“, well that’s it, and it mostly is a scam. Also providing discounts on every product is another trap to lure innocent customers.

Who is the Owner of Domain?

After digging more deeply we have found some shocking information about the registrant name of domain on godaddy, please look below screenshot.

Buy Men & Women’s Clothing

So What Should We Do?

I would personally recommend you to steer clear from these type of sites. There is no doubt that roselinlin is a scam site with no identity of their own. They have numerous red flags through which you can quickly tell that they are here to fool the customers.

Roselinlin Reviews by Actual Customers

If you are fond of online shopping, be sure to search page reviews on Facebook, Google or any social media platform. There are staggering numbers of negative roselinlin reviews on the internet because this notorious website has scammed so many people.

Trust pilot and Sitejabber alone have many negative reviews where people share their experience of receiving damaged or low-quality clothes.

One customer, Dorothy Connery shares her experience:

EXTREMELY poor quality fabric &sewing. When you try to return it, they tell you you’d have to return it TO CHINA & the shipping would be very expensive, but they can offer you a 15% refund. I think they also sell the same clothes under other company names, so be careful. Huge rip-off!!!

Another customer, Jennifer wrote:

I made an order with this company received only a portion of the lawhavereached out with no real answer!No refund lost $$ with no product. Do not order from this company ever again! So disappointing!!

And this is not all. Many people are complaining about their horrible return policy that turns into a nightmare.

They do not even refund or exchange the items. This is a Chinese company so returning any item is even more expensive and time-consuming.

The Bottom Line

We have now established the fact that Roselinlin is a scam Chinese site that works via a third party and rob innocent customers by offering a discount of cheap clothes.

There is absolutely no credibility to their site and purchasing something from them can be risky, and they can misuse your financial information.

The online customer reviews are evidence enough that roselinlin is a scam and various red flags mentioned above make it even more evident.

We hope that our roselinlin review has helped you clear any doubts you might have about this site. Do not hesitate to share the link with your friends and family to save them from being scammed by these fake sites.

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