Whalegot Website Review – Safe to Shop on This Website or Is This a Scam?

Beware! Whalegot.com is a scam site.

Whalegot.com is a recently launched retail store that primarily focuses on women jeans and power tools. This site is making all the buzz in consumer circles due to the suspicious activities and alleged frauds.

You know it’s that time of the year when the holiday spirit is all around us, and people are just going crazy with all.

What is whalegot.com?

There has been some noise in various customer circles, and people are calling out whalegot.com on their fraudulent schemes. If you open the website, you will be pleasantly surprised to see such good deals, and maybe you will be tempted to buy from the site. But DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE!

Everything on the site falls between the ranges of $50-$70. I find it very fishy to believe that all the items have the same uniform price. I mean, come on that’s not how the economics work buddy.

Any sane person with a bit of common sense will certainly realize that there is no way a toolset worth thousand dollars is being sold at a mere 50 dollars. But that is how these fraudulent sites set a trap for people. We have many examples from the past of websites that have robed off the customer of their hard-earned money and send counterfeit products to them.

These type of sites keep appearing every now and then. These fraud sites operate on a system. When the sites get banned or gain a bad ranking or bad reputation, the owners simply change the website name and step into the market with a whole new identity and same fake products.

Whalegot.com is also one of such sites, and if you do some digging and research, you will come to know that it is linked to other fraud sites as Fastbu and Hemlinics. All of these sites are offering too reasonable prices and making a fool out of customers.

Proof that whalegot.com is indeed a scam

Even before I provide all the proof and uncover the truth behind Whalegot.com, I would highly recommend that you trust your instinct and better be safe than sorry.

Let’s get down with our whalegot.com review now.

Newly created site – it is not necessary that all the new sites are doing scams, but as far as I am concerned, old sites are relatively more reliable than new websites. When we checked whalegot’s date of creation, we came to know that it is a new site that recently launched in November. Well, that is one of the first alarming signs, guys.

Whalegot Website Review

NO responsive telephone – any trustworthy online store will have a legit phone number. Well, surprise surprise, but whalegot’s phone number is not responsive at all. It is listed as a 60-year-old lady’s phone number in Indiana. The phone keeps ringing, but no one ever answers.

Whalegot Website Review

No Valid Address – The provided address is 3347 Sugarfoot Lane, Lafayette, Indiana. After checking on Google maps, we came to know that this address is not valid and there are 6 other sites registered with the same address. So this proves only one thing that whalegot.com belongs to or is affiliated with a network of scam sites.

About us, Page is copied from other sites – another proof that two critical pages on whalegot’s website are copied from another fraudulent website like moderngaga.com and Dalimua.com. Mission statement and about us Page is a copy of the above-mentioned sites, and both sites are also online seller of discounted power tools and apparels. Coincidence much?

Whalegot Website Review

No disclosure of owner – a trustworthy and genuine online site will always have a representable owner identity, and his vision will be stated on the website. In whalegot’s case there is no such things as owner identity rather it operates anonymously. You don’t even know who you are dealing with. The whole thing looks shady and screams fraud from the look of it.

Shady exchange and refund policy – the refund and exchange policy page is not even complete and more than that it looks like some amateur wrote it.

What are people saying?

So we have come across lots of people who are complaining that they never got the order or worst yet there cards were charged twice or thrice. The most dangerous thing about these sites is that they can misuse your credit card information to make a false transaction which is why it is imperative that you do your research before making any online purchase.

One whalegot customer says:

“I ordered a DeWalt power tool kit from whalegot, but it didn’t give me no order number and hadn’t sent me no email. I have no history of it, and I tried calling the number, but it just kept on ringing repeatedly.

I also emailed the website still no response, the address is in Indiana but the phone number is Ohio and when I called my bank the money went to Ralph and Martha Ervin of Minnesota, Minneapolis.”

What can I do to steer clear of fraudulent websites?

We have successfully concluded that whalegot.com is a scam site and they lure in the customers with shiny and attractive offers. Many people have fallen prey to such tactics. This is not only true about whalegot, but many other sites are operating similarly.

I have mentioned some points that will help you differentiate a scam website from a legit one. Always do your research before hitting that purchase button.

he shopping and sales. People wait all year to get best deals in this season when their coveted items go on sale – be it clothing, tools, makeup or anything and everything.

That’s where sites like these take advantage of the holiday season and lure people to their scam sites by offering “too good to be true” prices on things that are worth much more.

Today, we are going to review and expose whalegot.com and examine the whole process based on which the site is marked as a scam/fraud site by many people and sites.

So let’s get down to whalegot.com review.

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