WoW Money Guide – 5 Effective Tips To WoW Riches

Ok, so we all know that money doesn’t buy happiness. But on world of warcraft, gold can sure make gameplay easier. A flying mount costs nearly 1k gold. An epic flying mount costs 5 times that! Do you want to powerlevel that crafting skill in order to make that new epic sword or bow? Without a lot of gold, forget it!

WoW Money Guide

I have leveled 6 characters to 70, each with their own epic flyer, and lots of gold left over. The truth is, gold doesn’t HAVE to take a long time to get, especially in the higher lvl’s. Throughout my WoW “career” there are a few things I do that generate lots of gold, in the least amount of time possible. Note: these tips aren’t out there to replace the WoW guides, only to expand on them.

Here they are:

  1. Focus. If you’re on a gold farming “session”, nothing can hamper your results than lack of focus. Helping a guildie with a side quest, or building a dancing train in Ironforge for a screenshot isn’t going to get you gold. Yes, it can be fun, but you want to get rich don’t you?
  2. Finish all your post level 70 quests. This can not only be fun, but it’s a great way to earn fast cash. Get a guildie or friend to finish all those “leftover” quests you skipped. Some quests only take a few minutes with a friend and can earn anywhere from 15-30g per turn in. Raking in a few hundred gold per hour is not unheard of.
  3. MINING. I don’t know any other profession that cane make the money mining can. There are other professions that net a decent amount of money, but mining is unmatched. Adamantite goes for 30-40g a stack, fel iron goes for 20-30g a stack, not to mention all the green and blue gems, and primals (earth and fire). A good hour mining run with a couple blue gems and lots of primals have earned me over 500g per hour. Sounds crazy, but it’s very doable with an epic flyer and riding crop. If your a paladin with crusador aura, look out! Find a good mining route – pick an off-peak time, and go nuts!
  4. Auction House Arbitrage. Some people are against this, but buying epics or rare blues at a low price and selling it for a higher amount can net THOUSANDS of gold if done right. This is a little risky, but once you get the hang of it you’ll never look back. I have literally made a few thousand gold withing MINUTES. There are many guides out there that expand on this idea. If you’re interested in this tactic, get a WoW money guide. It’s well worth it.
  5. Shadowmoon Valley. If you don’t have mining or your epic flyer yet, theres nothing faster than grinding sunfury’s in Shadowmoon Valley. They drop plenty of silver, cloth, sunfury signets (1g each on the AH), and arcane tomes (10-20g on the AH). People say that doing your daily quests in terrokar or blade’s edge is faster, but I’ve found the opposite to be true. Find a strategy to knock these guys down as quickly as possible. With my warlock, I was able to down 4-5 of these at the same time without any downtime. Needless to say, I was 5000 gold richer after a few days, and bought my first epic flyer. Good stuff.

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