WoW Professions Guide

Professions in World of Warcraft can be a very fun and profitable aspect of the game. They can help you bring in hundreds of gold a day! A successful gamer can often turn their profession into a practical virtual business and become an integral part in the game worlds economy, in effect building a brand name in the virtual world.

WoW Professions Guide

There are several professions to choose from, each of which offers their own individual benefits.

For example Tailoring can produce much sought after cloth upgrades. They are always players in the game advertising for a tailor. However one of the biggest money makers for a tailor is an essential item for every character in the game. Bags! A player cant carry their loot without a bag to put it in. With each player having five bag slots, that means that each player is a potential customer five times over! In addition to that, a bag can bring in, depending on its size, anywhere from 3g (3 gold) for the smallest up to 450g (450 gold) for the largest!

Another popular profession is Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing can produce various weapons and armor. These, in later stages of the game, become some of the most powerful currently in the game! Furthermore later in game as your skill level increase you can choose to specialize into one of two fields. These are Weaponsmith and Armorsmith. Each of these able to produce incredible items that are well sought after, and well paid for!

WoW Professions Guide

A profession that everyone from the lowest to highest level players wants to do business with is an Enchanter! Enchanting can offer two avenues of high income in the game. The first is the obvious, selling of enchants to players. These enchants offer stat-increasing benefits to player items and clothing. No matter what the level of the player, they are always seeking an enchanter, and are often willing to pay good money for the service! A second, and often overlooked money making side to enchanting is Disenchanting. This allows an enchanter to destroy an enchanted item and gather enchanting materials from it. Often these materials are often worth more than the original item, and without these materials an enchanter cant perform enchants! So a smart enchanter can disenchant and sell the materials in the auction house for huge profits!

One often overlooked profession is Engineering. It offers a wide variety of gadgets and items that can add significant benefits to players! These can be rifle scopes, field repair bots, bombs, training dummies, to even jumper cables that can be used to revive dead players! There is a whole slew of great things available to a Engineer to use of sell! Like Blacksmithing there are two specializations available in the Engineering field. These are Gnome Engineering and Goblin Engineering, each of these offering field specific items that are in great demand.

Alchemy can also be a great money maker! There are always players in need of special potions. These potions range from healing and mana restoring potions to specialized potions such as fire resistance and detect undead. There are also potions that offer special stat enhancing benefits to players. Many of the potions you produce will be in demand in the auction house.

A profession that was recently introduced in the game in Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting produces jewels which can be socketed in armor to add special stats to the armor. These jewels can have a wide variety of effects. These jewels can also go for a large sum on gold in the auction house. A friend of mine routinely sells her jewels for 50 gold a piece!

Leatherworking is similar to tailoring in some regards. It produces leather armor items that can be worn by certain classes in the game. Leatherworkers can also produce special armor add-ons to increase the armor rating of items. Like other professions there are specializations in this profession. These are Elemental Leatherworking, Dragonscale Leatherworking, and Tribal Leatherworking. Each of these specializations offer benefits to specific classes in the game ranging from minor melee class, to spell casting classes. Anyone of these items will bring in a nice profit in the auction house!

Other big-money producing professions are the gathering professions. These are Skinning, Herbalism, and Mining. Each of these gathering skills fills a niche in the in-game economy by providing the essential ingredients for other professions. Professions that depend on these skills for materials are Alchemy, which depends on Herbalism; Leatherworking, which depends on Skinning; and Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting which depends on Mining.

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